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Geoff Jackson is a British composer, songwriter and producer born in Liverpool and based in London. He is an original musician with a wonderful gift for melody and an extraordinary ability to understand and capture the very essence of a character or scene.

Throughout his music projects Geoff collaborated with legendary record producer Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T Rex) who, after co producing some of Geoff’s songs for a film project said: "Geoff Jackson’s songs for the British Comedy film City Slacker come from his irrepressible enthusiasm and Liverpool songwriting pedigree. He has a knack for turning life's simplest experiences into heart-tugging pop arias.”

Geoff has recently finished composing music for a British film starring 90’s icon Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210, Fifth Element), called The Beat Beneath My Feet. Filming was successfully completed in October 2013 on location in London and the film is soon to be released in 2014.

Geoff’s previous music film projects include feature film An Actor’s Guide to Resting, released in early 2014 and British romantic comedy City Slacker, released in 2012.

An Actor’s Guide to Resting was written and directed by up and coming director Jonathan Wolf. Geoff composed the underscore and three original songs. The film’s opening title song, ‘Sinking Like a Stone’ features Tony Visconti on bass.

City Slacker is a romantic comedy based in London and is starring Tom Conti (Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, Reuben, Reuben, Shirley Valentine). Geoff composed six original songs and music for the film. The film is currently showing on Sky Movies plus several countries around the world. In April 2014 it featured at the Sonoma International Film Festival in California. City Slacker was nominated for Best UK Feature Film at Raindance Film Festival in London and at the British Independent Film Awards. It won the Best Feature Film at Crystal Palace Film Awards in 2013. The music was Produced by Paul Cartledge and  co-produced by Tony Visconti. The film’s soundtrack was released in August 2013.
One of the leading songs of the film, ‘Love Keeps Growing’ was included in the debut album of Welsh singer Debbie Clark – Manhattanhenge - produced by Tony Visconti and released through Warner Music.

Previous film projects include composing the title theme, songs and underscore for comedy Geezer, written by Greg Cruttwell, with first episode released online in 2012.
In 2012 he also composed and produced the music for the short film The New Room, starring Tony Selby and Fiona Gillies.

Apart from film projects and composing, Geoff is a talented musician guitarist who has played in various bands and has supported some well-known artists. Currently he is writing, recording and producing songs for Alison Wheeler, vocalist from the band The Beautiful South. Plans for an EP to be released later in the year.

The Beat Beneath My Feet - Trailer from Scoop Films on Vimeo.

Geezer Episode one (British Comedy)

The beat beneath my feet ( Behind the scenes )

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